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What Do We Love

            What do we love? In Psalm  King David said “I love the Law of the Lord”. David coveted another man’s wife. Then he seduced her, if not raped her. Then he lied about what he had done. He then murdered her husband who was one of his most loyal and faithful servants. So why did God call David the man after God’s own heart? It was because David realized that God’s law is perfect justice, and judgment. David recognized that it was his sin that was that was the problem, not God’s perfect law, and David repented of his sin. None of us are perfect. We have all violated some part of God’s law. Today many argue that since they have not lived up to the perfection of the Ten Commandments that the Commandments are flawed. Where there is no repentance there is no forgiveness. We must acknowledge the perfection of God’s law, and we must acknowledge our transgressions of His law. The Psalm David wrote is about his love for God’s law. Today we hear many songs about how much we love fornication and drunkenness, but we hear no new songs about our love for the perfect justice and judgment of God’s law. I challenge anyone with musical ability to write and perform songs about their love for God’s law.

            If you are slightly more informed than most people you are considered an extremist. Pray that the people of America wake up before it is too late. For more information link to

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