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The Judgment of God on Christendom

The judgment hand of God is on the Christian nations of the world for their disobedience and evil. God is rising up a perfect tool to punish. That tool is Islam. It is the most perfect destructive evil the earth has ever seen. By sending Christ into the world God gave a great gift. But that gift has been despised and rejected by the nations that were once Christian nations. Like a loving father God is disciplining his children. The discipline has started gently. It will get more and more severe until the nations turn back to God, or are destroyed. God told his people, Israel, to totally destroy the people who lived in the promise land as they entered. Why? They killed their own children as an act of worship. In what were once Christian nations, children who have never done anything to deserve death, are ripped apart in abortion chambers. They are sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Even conservative politicians argue that abortion should be allowed in cases of rape and incest. In a case of rape or incest, what evil has the baby done to deserve the death penalty? The rapist deserves the death penalty not the innocent child.  Abortion is first degree premeditated murder and should be treated as such. I am not advocating lawless action; the law should be changed so that if an abortion is performed both the abortionist and the consenting mother should be executed.

What is a human life worth. Each person’s worth is found in the fact that the creator of the universe  humbled himself and took on human form to be tortured and killed in the most horrible way imaginable so that the most terrible person that ever lived could be forgiven and live forever by simply accepting that gift and repenting. The central scripture in the Christian Bible is John 3:16, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes on him shall have eternal life.” The central passage of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, is “Mohammed said, ‘Allah has made the spoils of war lawful for me, where it was not lawful for any before me.’” Islam is a religion of hate, greed, murder, rape, and theft. Every element of Islam was conceived to make Mohammed wealthier, more powerful, and to satisfy his perverted sexual desires. God is rising up Islam just as he did the Assyrian’s and Babylon’s as a tool to punish his wayward children.

Abortion is an evil so obvious that ignorance cannot be an excuse. But perhaps the greatest evil embraced by the Christian nations is homosexuality. What could be wrong with two men loving each other? The homosexual community shakes its fist in the face of God and says “how dare you dictate to me what is right and wrong.” It is the same sin as that of Adam and Eve in the garden. They rejected the laws that God gave them and made their own rules. Where there is no repentance, there is no forgiveness. We must admit that it is not God’s law that is flawed, but that we are flawed and need forgiveness. Through the acceptance of homosexuality all moral standards are destroyed because all moral standards become flexible.

The United States is being destroyed by to the practice of fractional reserve banking. Through this practice money is created out of nothing and loaned into existence at interest. As a result of this practice, the U.S. and all the major nations of the world are facing economic collapse. Let me pose two thought provoking questions: Question # 1) When the federal government deficit spends does it get deeper in debt? I find that most people answer this question “yes”. It is obvious that the federal government is getting deeper and deeper in debt every day. Question # 2) When the federal government deficient spends does it print money the cover the debt? I have found that most people answer this question with a “yes” as well. Think about that for a moment. If you had the legal authority to create money couldn’t you get out of debt very quickly and easily? So why is the government so deeply in debt? It is because the government does not create our money supply. Our money is created by the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System, and every hard working American is taxed to pay interest on a debt that was created out of nothing; at no expense.

I remember that when Barrack Husain Obama was running for president some people said that they feared that if we elected that evil man as president that God would punish us. Remember as a state senator in Illinois, he voted three times that if a child survived an abortion attempt and was born alive that no care should be given to the baby and she should be allowed to die. Barrack Husain Obama is God’s punishment on America. God gives us the desires of our hearts, and the desire of the hearts of most Americans is to have a president that promises to give them the wealth of others.

It is the desire of President Obama to turn the United States into a Marxist nation and many Americans believe that he should do that. Both of president Obama’s parents were Marxist and his maternal grandparents were Marxist. When he was growing up in Hawaii under the care of his maternal grandparents, they got Marxist, Frank Marshal Davis to be young Barrack’s mentor. He later moved to Chicago and choose to associated with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright , a Marxist, and William Ayers ; a Marxist and domestic terrorist. The evidence that would have convicted William Ayers of murder was thrown out by a Jimmy Carter appointed judge and William Ayers became a professor at Northwestern University in Chicago and writes text books for our children. President Obama, like his father, is not a religious man, but, as his father, he sees in political Islam and ally for the implementation of Marxist ideology.

President Obama is appointing members of the Muslim Brotherhood to positions of authority in the government and believes that with his takeover of the educational system through Common Core to indoctrinate our children, that when his deficit spending causes an economic disaster, he will be in a position to restrict constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and take greater control of our lives. President Obama believes that through a gradual process that has been ongoing in the United States for over eighty years, that he and his Marxist and Islamic allies, will be able to make the United States a Marxist, Islamic nation.

A significant problem for President Obama is Islamic terrorism. Since he is in agreement with the political goals of Islam, he considers the Islamist allies. Since terrorist acts cause greater expense in the conducting of everyday activities in a free nation and lead to greater limitations on freedom, President Obama understands that each act of terror weakens the United States and hastens its collapse. He however also understands that acts of terrorism may wake up the American people to the threat of Islam before the gradual process of dumbing down America has been taken far enough to accomplish a complete Marxist/Islamic take over. He therefore must try to limit terrorist activity.

Even though President Obama does not see excessive terrorism as helpful to his agenda, he does not have the power to stop it. The reason for this is that Islam is an ideology of such intensive and extreme hatred that those who have been raised in it cannot reframe from acts of evil. Islam has taught for 1400 years that all non-Muslims must be beheaded. (Warning video contains extremely graphic footage) We are told that we should be tolerant of such intolerance. This is insanity.  Those who are unwilling to give others religious liberty are not entitled to religious liberty. God has removed our hedge of protection because we refuse to acknowledge His sovereignty and give Him glory. If we do not wake up very soon the destruction of our nation will become irreversible.

If you are slightly more informed than most people you are considered an extremist. Pray that the people of America wake up before it is too late. For more information link to

Charles Fuqua is the author of God’s Law – The Only Political Solution. He is available to speak at churches and any other group setting.,, 870-612-3570.


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