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The Good Times Are Back

It is so good to hear on the news that the good times are back. The stock market is up and home prices are up. Why is it that things are looking so good? It is because the United States Government and the Federal Reserve Banking system (Fed) are rapidly expanding the money supply. If we are to understand what is going on we must ask, and find answers to basic questions. 1) When the federal government deficit spends does it get deeper in debt? Obviously it does. The federal government is now about 17 trillion dollars in debt. 2) When the federal government deficit spends does it print money to cover the debt? I find most people answer this question, yes. Think about it, if you had the legal authority to print money would you ever be in debt? Obviously not, so why is the federal government in debt? It is because the federal government does not create our money supply.

3) Who creates dollars? It is the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system. 4) Is the money supply growing? It grows every day. We call this increase in the money supply inflation. 5) What is the consequence of this increase in the money supply (inflation)? As the quantity of money increases, the value of the money decreases, and the prices of everything goes up. 6) Is money creation profitable? Yes, It cost virtually nothing to create new dollars. 7) Does creating new dollars have any effect on the value of existing dollars? Yes, every time more new dollars are created it causes the value of all existing dollars to decrease. This is why the stock market and housing prices are up. People now feel richer because they can now sell their house for more dollars than they could a year ago. They also feel richer because their retirement accounts have increased with the increase in the stock market. 8) So are people better off than before? No, since the increase in the money supply has reduced the value of the money the increase in stock and housing prices is not a real increase in value. 9) Why do the international bankers and politicians keep increasing the money supply? It is a secret tax on everyone and is a constant transfer of wealth from the vast majority of citizens to the extremely wealthy international bankers. 10) Does the graduated income tax help redistribute wealth from the very wealthy to the rest of us? No, if transfers wealth and political power away from hard working people who have earned it to the international bankers who have not produced any new wealth. It concentrates more wealth and power in the hands of very few people. Graduated income tax takes away the political voice of anyone who could speak out against this system of wealth confiscation through money creation.

11)  What is the solution to this problem? Take the power to create money away from the Fed, and forgive all debt owed to the Fed. About one half of the national debt is owed to the Fed. It cost the Fed nothing to create this debt so it loses nothing it is rightly entitled to if the debt is forgiven. 12) Why are most nations in the world so deeply in debt, and who is all that debt owed to? Most of the nations of the world have banking systems that operate similar to our Federal Reserve system and the debt is owed to the international bankers who created the money out of nothing. This house of cards is ready to collapse. 13) When one nation cannot pay back the debt owed to the international bankers why should other nations bail out the bankrupt nation? They should not. The international bankers who created the debt should lose everything because everything they have has been stolen through the fraudulent process known as fractional reserve banking. 14) In the United States where does money come from? All money is created by being loaned into existence by banks, and all money must be paid back to banks with interest. 15) How can the only money creator (the banking system) ever be repaid more money than it has created? It can’t, the people and government must fall deeper and deeper in debt, and as the interest on the debt compounds the debt grows at a faster and faster rate.

The government and international bankers do not want the people to know that the dollar is losing value at an ever increasing rate. Their accomplices in the news media are doing everything they can to make people think the good times are back. The good times will not come back until the people are willing to return to the wisdom of the Bible and repent of their sins. Fractional reserve banking violates of two of the Ten Commandments, the commandments against stealing and bearing false witness. For an explanation of how fractional reserve banking works see the blog titled the Babylonian Grain Bank.

Charles Fuqua is the author of God’s Law – The Only Political Solution. He is available to speak at churches and any other group setting.,, 870-612-3570.

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