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The God of the Bible is Incapable of Blessing The United States

            There are some things the God of the Bible just cannot do. He cannot lie. As a result he cannot change his nature. He is the same yesterday today and forever. All of his promises are always good. He promised to bless nations that obey His commandments and curse nations that disobey His commandments. The United States is in disobedience; therefore God cannot bless the United States. He must curse it. It is a waste of time to pray that God would bless the United States. We must pray that America will repent and become obedient to the Commandments of God. Only then is God capable of blessing America.

            Charles Fuqua is the author of God’s Law – The Only Political Solution. He is available to speak at churches and any other group setting.,, 870-612-3570.

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