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a) Introductory Letter

Everything that is wrong with the United States will be corrected only when we turn back to the Biblical principles followed by our founding fathers. The prophets of the Bible told Israel that the nation would suffer as a result of disobedience to God’s law. It is no different today. God made the universe and the laws that govern it. Disobedience of those laws always produces bad consequences. Examining how we fall short of God’s standards will bring understanding of our nation’s problems, and bring a nationwide awakening and return to the laws that made our nation great. The fatal flaw in our economic system is that all money created is loaned into existence at interest and must be paid back to the money creator with interest, requiring continual expansion of the money supply and perpetual price inflation as the value of the money constantly declines.

b) Author photo


c) Bio

Conservative, Christian, Lawyer; Author of “God’s Law – The Only Political Solution”; Arkansas State Representative; State of Arkansas, Office of Chief Counsel; Business Law Professor; Research Biologist; Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Teacher; Veteran, U.S.C.G, truck driver, landscape laborer.


Missouri Baptist College, St. Louis, MO.

University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO, B.S., Major in Biology, minor in Chemistry.

University of Arkansas School of Law, Jurist Doctorate.


Landscape Laborer.

U.S. Coast Guard, Boiler tender.

Truck driver.

McKinley High School, St. Louis, MO, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Teacher.

Monsanto Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO, Laboratory Technician.

Monsanto Agricultural Products Co., St. Louis, MO, Research Biologist.

Monsanto Agricultural Products Co., St. Louis, MO, Sales Representative.

Merschman Seed Co. West Point, Iowa,  District Sales Manager.

Law Clerk for Judge Thurston Thompson, Rogers, AR.

Private practice attorney, Thompson, Chase, Fuqua & Finch, Rogers, AR.

John Brown University, Adjunct Professor of Business Law.

Arkansas House of Representatives, Judiciary and Children and families Committees.

Private practice attorney, Springdale, AR,

Office of Chief Counsel, Arkansas DHS, litigate child abuse and neglect cases.

HONORS AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Missouri State Cycling Champion;

President’s Fitness Award U.S. Coast Guard; U.S. Coast Guard wrestling team; president of sophomore class Missouri Baptist College; vice-president of Student Service Club Missouri Baptist College, Gideon church speaker; board member and legal counsel for Crisis Pregnancy Center of Rogers, AR; servant of the year award from the Washington County Republican Party, Friend of the Family award from the Washington County Christian Coalition, board member for the Richardson Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas; mediation panelist for the Christian Justice Center of Northwest Arkansas; youth roller hockey coach, Arkansas State Cycling Champion, Masters Division; President of board for Alpha Pregnancy Center of Batesville, Arkansas; Kiwanis Club member.

d) Fact sheet for interviewers

Charlie Fuqua has worked for the State of Arkansas, Office of Chief Counsel, for 12 years handling child abuse and neglect cases. He has handled thousands of cases protecting children who had been neglected or abused by parents who were abusing methamphetamine. He is a conservative, Christian, Lawyer and author of “God’s Law – The Only Political Solution”. Fuqua has served as an Arkansas State Representative, and Business Law Professor at John Brown University. Before attending the University of Arkansas School of Law he was a Research Biologist for Monsanto Chemical Company. Fuqua has been a Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Teacher. During the Vietnam war he served in the United States Coast Guard.  He grew up in a middle class family and has been a truck driver and landscape laborer.

His activities include: Missouri State Cycling Champion; President’s Fitness Award U.S. Coast Guard; U.S. Coast Guard wrestling team; president of sophomore class Missouri Baptist College; Gideon church speaker; board member and legal counsel for Crisis Pregnancy Center of Rogers, Arkansas; servant of the year award from the Washington County Republican Party, Friend of the family award from the Washington County Christian Coalition, board member for the Richardson Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas; mediation panelist for the Christian Justice Center of Northwest Arkansas; youth roller hockey coach, Arkansas State Cycling Champion, Masters Division; President of board for Alpha Pregnancy Center of Batesville, Arkansas; Kiwanis Club member.

He is married to Lorena Kohler Fuqua, lives in Batesville, Arkansas, has four children and stepchildren, and one grandchild. He enjoys bicycling and gardening as hobbies and manages commercial and residential rental property.

e) Questions for interviewers to ask

Q. Tell about your background and experience. A. info from bio and how you learned about money

Q. Do believe that the law of the U.S. is inconsistent with the principles stated in the Ten commandments? A. Abortion, failing to use the death penalty, Socialism, graduated income tax, and our entire economic system is in violation of God’s law.

Q. Do you believe that what you are advocating has a historical precedent? A. Yes, quote Blackstone, and sermon from 1783 preached by President of Yale College to Governor of Connecticut.

Q. What do you believe is the solution to our problems? A. Turn back to the law of the Bible that was used by our founding fathers.

Q. You believe our economic system has a fatal flaw, can you explain that? A. Explain origin of money and compounding interest. Goldsmith example.

f) 25 word, 50 word, and 100 word description of the book

100-word description of book

This book shows that for any government to bring prosperity, it must take into account man’s selfish nature. God’s law does this. Jesus did not do away with the law. Liberals argue that the Constitution prohibits the use of Biblical principles in government. However, the result of following Biblical law is that the nation prospers. Government should reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. The commandments have the secular purpose of punishing damaging behavior. This book appeals to anyone interested in having the political, economic, and legal institutions of the United States modified to bring greater prosperity.

50-word description of book

Liberals argue that the Constitution prohibits the use of Biblical principles in government. This book shows that Biblical law best deals with man’s selfish nature and brings prosperity. The proper purpose of government is to reward good, and punish bad behavior. This book appeals to anyone interested in greater national prosperity.

25-word description of book

This book appeals to anyone interested in examining how the use of Biblical principles in government best deals with man’s selfish nature, and brings national prosperity.

g) Marketing flyer

Thirty-five years ago I stumbled across an earthshaking truth that changed my life. That truth is that our money system has a fatal flaw. All money in existence is loaned into existence at interest and must be paid back to the money creator with interest. Therefore, the money supply must be constantly expanded to pay compounding interest as it comes due. The result is that as the size of the money supply grows, the value of the money shrinks. This means that the dollar is not a stable store of value. As the money supply grows, debt grows. This system is used by most of the world and is the reason most of the major nations in the world are so deep in debt that they are at the brink of collapse. I have found that most people have very little understanding of money.

As I have tried to educate people, I have found that since the topic is rather complicated, most people do not want to put forth the effort to understand it. Western civilization rests on our Christian heritage, and the Ten Commandments are the foundation of the law of western civilization. The money system we use violates two of the Ten Commandments: the prohibitions against stealing and bearing false witness. I believe that to correct the problems in the world that result from this money system, we need to turn back to the wisdom of the law of God. Trying to get people to understand what is happening to destroy them sometime feels like beating your head against a brick wall. I have often wished that I did not have this burning drive within me to make this truth known, but I must. The truth, in the pages of this book, burns within me, and I cannot keep it in.

Throughout my life I have observed that when any of the Ten Commandments are violated bad consequences follow. I wrote this book to help inform every person in every nation who wonders what is wrong with the world. What is wrong with the world, is sin, and sin is violation of the Ten Commandments. That may sound like an oversimplification. The concepts in this book are not simple, but I have tried as hard as I can to make this a simple book to read and understand. It is my hope and prayer that this book will play a part in awakening the people of the United States and turning them back to obedience to God’s Law. I believe that if I am successful, the United States will return to prosperity, lead the rest of the world out of darkness, into the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and give the entire world peace and prosperity that have never before been experienced.

h) Testimonials About Book

Charles Fuqua’s book God’s Law – The Only Political Solution, deftly deals with a myriad of current issues which divide most Americans. By carefully applying eight of God’s Ten Commandments to the divisive issues they can be resolved. Fuqua will find support from many conservatives but lose others who want to hold on to some of the government benefits they receive and want to retain. A long book but worth considering. John Stormer, Author of None Dare Call It Treason, (7.2 million copies sold).  

Fuqua shows how and why the United States has been under the blessings of God, and how and why it is now falling under the curses of God. He then shows what to do to return the United States to prosperity. This is a must read for anyone who desires to see the United States prosper again. Jim Bob Duggar, father of 19 and counting.

We were pleased to have a guest speaker Charles Fuqua at our church for both morning and evening services. Eye opening to say the least, he gave a talk in the morning service about our money system in the United States and a biblical solution to our countries problems.   For our evening services Mr. Fuqua did his presentation on Islam, titled “Why Muslims Hate America.” We were all shocked about what little we actually knew about this demonic “religion” and what we could expect in America if we continued to do nothing.  I would highly recommend Pastors everywhere to schedule him to share with your congregations.  His presentations have definitely been the talk of the church and will continue to be as many read and discuss his book. Charles Fuqua described himself a watchman on the wall, and we greatly appreciate his service, sacrifice and dedication to our country.  Hosea 4:6 says…”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.  We pray it isn’t so with America and are proud to join Charles Fuqua in the fight! Bro. Don Tims, Jr., Pastor of Tyler Baptist Church, Tyler, Missouri

The message Charles Fuqua gave in our church brought an awareness of the spiritual condition of our nation, and its need to return to the law of God. That the nation and its leaders must have a great awakening and return to the values and principles laid down in God’s word. Each one that hears his message will gain an opportunity to make a decision to turn back to God. Pastor Robert Francis, Word of Life Fellowship, Batesville, Arkansas.

Regardless of personal opinions, there is no arguing that Fuqua backs up his thoughts with research, facts, and evidence found in history. I found myself reevaluating my perspectives on issues. Why do I believe what I believe? What’s true? Where are the answers for the problems in our society? Is there any hope for us? I think I just found some. Regina Forehand

Reading God’s Law has personified my perspective of the 10 commandments. Charles Fuqua has simplified the reading by use of examples that reinforce and secure his position. His use of Biblical verse reinforces God’s Law as he relates today’s society and how we as a nation have allowed sin to prevail in our country. Alan Moore

Charles Murray (Coming Apart) and Niall Ferguson (Civilization) both acknowledge religion is one of- four pillars of a prosperous community, or- one of six “killer apps” of the West. Although as an agnostic and a “grew up atheist”, neither can explain why. Mr. Fuqua can and does in “God’s Law.” He explains why we’re where we are as a society and the simple but logical way out of this current fiscal and cultural mess without “preaching.” Phillip Finch

Gods Law, The Only Political Solution lays out a concise plan for a nation to live in blessing and prosperity, by Divine providence. The problems facing Western Societies today are vast and complex, but the solution can be simple. A simple solution, and possibly the only one, is laid out in way that is easy to understand. A must read for anyone that wants to see their country to prosper. Brandon Gay

Totally Awesome. This is the first book I have read in many years that I couldn’t put down. I think Mr. Fuqua is right on with the problems this nation is facing and what needs to be done. He has a very good understanding of the Bible and only the holy spirit could have given him the wisdom and understanding to have written it. I think Christians everywhere need to read this book and we need to wake up. I didn’t realize we should still be following all of God’s laws. The fact is God is still God and hasn’t changed and never will. Allen Bundy

Recognizing that Americans are in moral and socio-economic decay, we need to be reminded of better days when there was a clearer morality and when prosperity was strong. In the writings of Charles Fuqua, we are finding the call to a national repentance. We are called to remember who the author of law is. We were once a blessed nation and must remember “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”. Read Charles’ words and hear with your heart. You will find truth in this book. Reverend Troy Sharp 

This book, more than any that I’ve ever read, gives us the basic reasons why our country finds itself in decline, but more importantly, it gives the Biblical basis, and step-by-step approach as to how to get out of the mess we have created.  This is a must read for any serious student of the Bible. Reverend Pat Andrews

History proves Mr. Fuqua’s thesis.  God’s Law leads to a moral, just and safe society.  Continual rejection of God’s Law leads to increasing immorality, corruption and fear.  Reverend Joel Krogen

I recommend “God’s Law – The Only Political Solution” for anyone who is interested in understanding the dynamics of how moral codes of conduct, when embraced in the heart of the Church, will create an ideal society.  Charlie lays out, fundamentally, an argument based on Biblical truth, the nature of man and history.   His position substantiates the concept of returning our nation to its moral compass based on the written word of God.  Some may consider this position “radical”; however, when the hearts of the governors are unregenerate, lacking internal controls, a radical solution needs to be presented, God’s solution.  Our nation needs a spiritual awakening if she’s going to survive and thrive in the future.  Pastor Tony V. Hammack

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l) Articles or blogs author has published

God Draws Us Back

For an individual or a nation the cycle never seems to end. We sin and God draws us back. God does not have to drop fire and brimstone from heaven to punish us for our sin. The natural consequence of disobedience to God’s commandments is our punishment and correction. Constantly pray that your individual sin, and our national sins will correct us and awaken us to our need to repent and turn to God.

The Nature of Man

Many years ago I went to the Muslim Student Union at the University. I was amazed that many of the Muslim students were ardent Marxist. It seemed strange to me that people who believe in God would favor an ideology that rejects belief in God. I have also found it strange that many Muslim nations embrace Socialism. Another thing I have noticed is that American liberals seem to be more in tune with Muslims than with Christians or conservatives. I have a Muslim acquaintance, and one day we were discussing the differences between the Christian and Muslim religions.  He said ,”you Christians believe in the depravity of man. We Muslims reject that doctrine.” As I thought on this statement I came to understand the fundamental ideological war in the world today.

The fundamental ideological war in the world today is over the nature of man. Some argue that man is basically good. They argue that children are born pure and innocent and only become selfish and corrupted by contact with the evils of the world around them. The interesting question is, if we are all born pure and good, how did the first selfish and corrupt person get that way.  The Christian religion teaches that man is born selfish, self centered, and greedy. Anyone who has ever raised a child knows that children are born selfish, and self centered. The basis for the belief that man is basically selfish is found in the Bible. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23. “There is none righteous, no not one” Romans 3:10. “There is nothing more desperately wicked then the heart of man” Jeremiah 17:9. “Man’s inclination is continually to do evil” Genesis 6:5. There is no other religion that teaches that man has a sin nature. The largest religion in the world, the Muslim religion, rejects the doctrine of the inherent sinfulness of man. The Ideologies of humanism progressivism, socialism, fascism, and communism all reject the doctrine of the sin nature of man.

The founding fathers of the United States accepted the doctrine of the sin nature of man because they were Christians. All Christians accept this doctrine. It is the central doctrine of the Christian religion. The Christian religion teaches that all of mankind need a savior to save them from their sins. If we can gain salvation through our own good acts, then we do not need a savior, and the death of Christ on the cross was of no value.

Because the drafters of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution believed that all men have a sin nature, they created a system of government that prevents any one person from gaining too much power. They divided the government into three branches, executive, legislative and judicial. Then they gave the most powerful branch of government, the legislature, two separate houses and divided that power between many members in each of the two houses. They further dissipated power by creating levels of government. The highest level of government, the Federal government, was established as a government of limited (enumerated) powers. The Constitution list the powers given to the Federal government and then reserves to the States, or the people any powers not given to the Federal government. The founding fathers of the United States understood that government is a necessary evil. It is important that both aspects of that statement are understood. Government is necessary. We cannot live without it. Without it chaos reigns. However, since government is composed of people cooperating together, and since all people have a sin nature, government is evil. Throughout history more human oppression, suffering and death have been caused by government than any other human institution. Like fire, government can be a useful tool for mankind. If fire is contained within a stove it is useful. The Constitution is like a stove. It contains government and limits it to a useful purpose. However, if fire gets out of the stove, or if government exceeds its Constitutional limits, it consumes and destroys all.

There are those who criticize the Constitution and refer to it as consisting of negative rights. This is because the Bill of Rights is a list of “thou shall nots” to government. Those who criticize the Constitution in this manner do not believe that the government should have limits on its power, because they believe that government is a force for good. Especially if they are the ones in charge of it. They believe this because they reject the doctrine of the sin nature of man.

Today we are faced with a choice. We will accept the Christian doctrine of the inherent wickedness of man, or we reject that doctrine, and accept the teachings and beliefs of Mohammedanism, progressivism, fascism, socialism, and communism. The choice will determine the future of our nation. Either we will limit government power and promote individual freedom and responsibility or we will allow unlimited government power and control.

Allowing the ownership of private property and a free and competitive market is the best way to limit government power and promote individual rights and responsibility. It is important to understand that these are the battle lines. Have you ever wondered why the Socialist and all other isms hate Christianity and always seek to destroy it? It is because Christianity is the only limit on absolute government power. God gave the commandment, “thou shall not steal.” This commandment recognizes the right to ownership of property. The commandment did not establish the right of property ownership. It simply recognized natural law. When a cave man used his time, effort, and talent, to make a flint knife, he knew that the knife was his, and he would use it, if necessary, to defend his ownership right. A free and competitive marketplace rewards those who provide goods and services that others want. Competition makes a free market self-regulating, and provides the most goods and services, to the greatest number of people, at the lowest price. Those who desire monopolistic control of a market want to use government as a means of eliminating competition and amassing control and power. A free marketplace ensures freedom in every aspect of a society because it dissipates power. That is why those who want to amass power prefer government regulation to a competitive market. A free enterprise system creates millions of millionaires. Those who want all power in their hands cannot tolerate such a system.

m) Short book excerpts

The fact that the founding fathers of the United States were totally immersed in Biblical teachings and principles, and that they employed them in the construction of their governmental and economic system, is evidence that the principles work. In reaching this conclusion I acknowledge that I accept the premise that the United States has been the most successful governmental experiment in all of known history. Even if a person does not believe in the existence of God, it cannot be denied that the principles used to establish the United States of America have worked for the benefit of the vast majority of the people in the United States. History demonstrates that the principles in God’s Law work to promote the greatest justice, prosperity, and happiness for the majority of people. The closer a nation follows God’s Law, the greater prosperity it will have.

Liberals believe that it is the purpose of government to protect us from our bad choices. Conservatives believe in freedom of choice, but believe that if we make poor choices, the natural consequences of our choices will correct us and prevent us from making more bad choices. It is natural that working hard brings prosperity, and being lazy brings poverty. Government cannot change this. Freedom is the ability to do whatever we choose, as long as we choose to act responsibly. If government gives all of us security in our social status (social security), it takes away our ability to excel or fail. As more of us get economic security from our government, rather than from our productivity, we become more insecure as a nation. This is because more and more of us lose the motivation to work to avoid poverty.

The reason that a free competitive market works better than a government controlled market is that a free market system is based on the premise that man is greedy and always wants more. As long as no one is granted a monopoly by the government, a free competitive market always provides more of what the people need than a government controlled market. This is because filling a need produces a profit.

History proves that more death and human suffering have been caused by powerful governments than have been caused by all other human activity combined. Our founding fathers realized that government was a necessary evil. It is vitally important that we understand both aspects of that statement. Government is necessary to restrain the evil inclinations of individuals who would harm others for their own gain. It is evil because it is composed of individuals who have inherited the sin nature of their father Adam. Government has the potential of committing more harm than any individual because it is many people working together.

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o) Short summery of the book’s benefits to the reader.

We cannot fix what is wrong until we understand what is wrong. This book explains what is wrong with the world and tells how to fix it to bring peace and prosperity to all who are willing to work for it.