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Muslim Psychology

            The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels studied differences between Muslims and non-Muslims through therapy of prison populations in Denmark. Seventy percent of Denmark’s prison population are Muslim. He found that Muslims differ from Westerners in anger, aggression, irresponsibility, and insecurity. Nancy Korbin conducted interviews of Muslim prison detainees in Minneapolis and concluded “Islam is the perfect religion to give justification for those who feel under attack and to maintain the eternal ‘victim fantasy’. Islam incites, encourages, and permits hatred of the Jew and jihad. It’s perfect for the fragile personality that has the need to hate and the need to have an enemy.” She went on to say “We are dealing with nothing more than paranoia. The West must set boundaries because otherwise they will kill you. This kind of rage is malignant borderline behavior as in serial killing. Muslim culture has a very different view of anger and in many ways opposite to what we experience here in the West. For the Westerner, expressions of public anger and the use of threats are discouraged and often lead to feelings of shame and loss of social status. The opposite is true for Muslim culture.”

            Western culture is based on the internal control of the individual. Western culture emphasizes self control; freedom with responsibility. Muslim culture has strict external controls. The differences are rooted in the differences between the Christian and Islamic view of god. The Christian God desires that people love Him and show love to others through an understanding of how much God loves them. Allah demands submission because of his power. The motivating factor in Western/Christian culture is love. The motivating factor in Islam is fear. The result is that Christians will always try to love Muslims and Muslims will always try to kill Christians. Love is the proper response of Christians to Muslims, but Christians must understand that since Muslims respect power over love, the only way Christians can show love to Muslims is from a position of strength and power. Failing to understand this principle always results in Christian genocide.

Charles Fuqua is the author of God’s Law – The Only Political Solution. He is available to speak at churches and any other group setting.,, 870-612-3570.



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