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Muslim Psychology

            The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels studied differences between Muslims and non-Muslims through therapy of prison populations in Denmark. Seventy percent of Denmark’s prison population are Muslim. He found that Muslims differ from Westerners in anger, aggression, irresponsibility, and insecurity. Nancy Korbin conducted interviews of Muslim prison detainees in Minneapolis and concluded “Islam is the perfect religion to give justification

The Great Deception Of The Church

There is a great deception that is very widespread in the Church. It is that the Pharisees loved the law of God and were zealous for its enforcement. The exact opposite was true. The Pharisees hated the law of God and invented an entire system of loopholes so that they could give the appearance of godliness but violate the spirit and intent of the law.

Vladimir Putin And The Tea Party

            I am finding more and more Tea Party types that would be willing to trade Barack Obama for Vladimir Putin. Surly that sounds strange. After all the Tea Party crowd are the most aliment anti-Communist people in the U.S. Recently Putin has been the most outspoken advocate for traditional Christian values of all international leaders. He has been outspoken

What Do We Love

            What do we love? In Psalm  King David said “I love the Law of the Lord”. David coveted another man’s wife. Then he seduced her, if not raped her. Then he lied about what he had done. He then murdered her husband who was one of his most loyal and faithful servants. So why did God call David the

The Judgment of God on Christendom

The judgment hand of God is on the Christian nations of the world for their disobedience and evil. God is rising up a perfect tool to punish. That tool is Islam. It is the most perfect destructive evil the earth has ever seen. By sending Christ into the world God gave a great gift. But that gift has been despised and rejected by the nations

The Good Times Are Back

It is so good to hear on the news that the good times are back. The stock market is up and home prices are up. Why is it that things are looking so good? It is because the United States Government and the Federal Reserve Banking system (Fed) are rapidly expanding the money supply. If we are to understand what is going on we must

The God of the Bible is Incapable of Blessing The United States

            There are some things the God of the Bible just cannot do. He cannot lie. As a result he cannot change his nature. He is the same yesterday today and forever. All of his promises are always good. He promised to bless nations that obey His commandments and curse nations that disobey His commandments. The United States is in

Social Justice vs. Property Rights

Social justice is a phrase that sounds very nice. What it really means is that those who are willing to work hard are required to give up what they have earned to those who have not worked as hard. Social justice is a failure at increasing the standard of living of the poor. If government wants to help the poor, the best way to do

The Greatest Benefit of Common Core

            The greatest benefit of Common Core is not that the Federal Government can control what is taught in every school in America. It is that the Federal Government can control what is not taught in every school in school in America. I am sixty-four and I remember that when I was in school I was taught that the National

God Bless Russia

Several years ago I had dinner with the man who was the first Gideon in the Soviet Union. The Gideons are an international group of business and professional men who distribute Bibles. He told me that the Gideons of the Soviet Union were praying that someday the Gideons of the U.S. would have the same freedom to distribute Bibles as the Gideons of the Soviet